Sunday, 27 May 2012

Day 2 another scorcher and more than 40 miles now clocked up

Phew! What another wonderful day walking the North Wales Pilgrims Trail. Leaving St Asaph this morning we were making good progress and had to stop and enjoy being treated to a swooping and diving exhibition from what we thought was a Red Kite not far from St Mary's Church, Cefn.

There are many old oak trees each it seems are numbered, do they know their unique ID?

We soon made up time and soon arrived at Bont Newydd, I don't think the bridge is very new now but it provides a stunning resting point before heading up through the woods. Dave was  relaying how in these woods he has seen deer when we noticed hoofed tracks and then on the horizon less than 300 yards away was a beautiful deer who seemed to be enquiring if we were talking about it, of course once spotted it disappeared into the undergrowth, magical moments like these make walking such an unpredictable pleasure. The next couple of hours were spent making our way towards Llanefydd taking time for our lunch looking back across to St Asaph, St Bueno's College and other areas we had walked yesterday.

A lovely if not trying walk then through to Llansannan, along the way marvelling at the hidden valleys reservoirs, farms, small holdings and hamlets. I could not believe my luck when seeing a coin embedded in the ground on a rough path, cleaning it up a little revealed a 1919 penny, I think many a tractor has ridden over it but it will now become a very real memento of our walk.

We appreciated a very hospitable welcome at the Black Lion in Llansannan and those who know us well may find this difficult to believe, but we had two pints each.... of orange juice and soda! Very nice atmosphere and very reasonable prices. Once suitably refreshed and encouraged by locals and landlord we set of towards Gwytheryn and for the next 3.5 miles climbed onto the edge of The Denbigh Moors, it was a relief once we had stopped climbing to enjoy the flat-ish walk. The final 3 miles or so were very difficult made more so by a missing bridge that made crossing a stream "interesting". We encountered some sheep with a new pastime of running at walkers, the strange thing was it seemed it had to be a mother and lamb taking it in turns to run head down at us. Fortunately we remained light of foot and avoided collisions, we did suspect that there might have been an old goat somewhere watching and commentating on their activity.

We eventually arrived in Gwytheryn at 8.30pm to be greeted by Helen asking if we wanted a pint.... yes you're right we refused as we've got an early start tomorrow walking to Rowen.

Bobby and Helen have been fantastic taking turns at picking up and dropping us off, Debbie and Neil have done a sterling job getting our efforts publicised with more donations coming through today. So please forgive this plug and reminder of what we are walking for; we do need funds to keep this service going so please do encourage family and friends to donate any amount to;

Thank you for your interest and look forward to updating you tomorrow... later!


  1. Keep up the good work. Excellent blog Adrian - packed with tasty tit bits.

  2. Looks great! Wish I were walking it with you. Keep the blog coming!

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