Thursday, 31 May 2012

Making our way down the Llyn

Rain, Mist & Blisters

I'm sorry to Dave's sister-in-law Muriel for calling her Audrey in last nights blog especially after her and John's kindness yesterday. I had the opportunity to apologise personally as they delighted us by waiting for us to arrive at Waterloo Dock at Caernarfon to commence our walk onto The Llyn Peninsula. John & Muriel walked with us for a couple of miles guiding us through to the Welsh Mountain Railway onto the cycle path. 

Most of the track is originally from South Africa as is nearly all of the rolling stock. The new track laid is one of the longest rail projects in the UK.
Rain had already been falling for sometime and we set off knowing it was likely to accompany us all day. Using the cycle route we made good time towards Pen-y-Groes where we headed back towards the coast along a country trail.

Dave decided to change into more robust water proof clothing and just at the moment he was struggling to get the saturated trousers off Bobby rang. I thought he was going to perform a summersault as he scrambled to find which pocket the phone was located and in reply to Bobby’s enquiry as to how he was he retorted; “one leg in and one leg out I’ll have to call you back”. Once suitably attired he called Bobby back to explain.

Dave has done very well today as he acquired a blister yesterday and has persevered through the pain as we clocked up nearly 20 miles and on more than one occasion his map reading and sense of direction kept us on the right track.

On our way through to Clynnog Fawr my brother Keith phoned to say he and my Mother were near by so we met up at Pontllyfni and it was their turn to watch us eat a late lunch, it was great to see them especially after making such a journey for a few minutes with us and helped us with setting off down the coast to St Bueno’s Church in Clynnog Fawr.

The church is an amazing building with wonderful windows and a unique footprint.

Sorry for the lack of photographs today but the constant rain did not help with conditions or photogenic opportunities. None the less it was great to arrive in Trefor especially as John & Muriel had phoned to arrange to take us back to the car in Caernarfon, we are extremely grateful to them for their kindness and support over the past couple of days.

Bobby and Helen joined us at our hotel and we had a good dinner in readiness for the last full day of walking tomorrow. The ferry master phoned back this evening to confirm all is well for the crossing on Saturday morning.

Facebook has gone wild since Keith posted a picture of us earlier which is fantastic, unfortunately there now seems to be a block on links to this blog from Facebook so if you are having problems please use this link; Thanks to Neil for putting this temporary fix in place and for taking up our cause with Facebook. Please keep liking and retweeting… as every little is very helpful!

Well thanks once again for taking time to read this and for your support. continues to grow and we are delighted to hear that sponsorship from Mold Golf Club, The Crown Pantymwyn totals an additional £650 pushing the total close to £3,000. Another 20 miles tomorrow will put us within a 3-4 hour walk Saturday morning of the ferry.

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